SIR – I used to live in the New Forest and remember the signs ‘Do not feed the ponies. Penalty £25’.


Recently, walking my dog at Moyles Court, I spoke to three different groups of people who were attempting to feed some ponies.

They were totally unaware that they should not do this and of the possible dangers and potential consequences of doing so. One of these people even lived in the locality and did not know this.

A holiday family with young children were approaching a well-grown foal, alongside its mother, with one of the children holding out her hand with an apple in it to the foal.

It does not take much imagination to realise what might happen if the mare thought she needed to protect her foal or if the foal thought it needed to defend itself against someone coming up behind it.

Where are the signs saying: ‘Do not feed the animals’?

Sue Boyd, Wimborne