New Forest MP: the ‘game is up’ for Brexit in the Commons

New Forest West MP Sir Desmond Swayne

A NEW FOREST MP has said the “game is up” on Brexit with a majority of the House of Commons now thought to be against leaving the EU.


Pro-leave Sir Desmond Swayne pointed to the victory on Tuesday of fellow Conservative Dominic Greave’s amendment which gives MPs greater power to shape the next steps if Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement fails.

The New Forest West MP intervened on Wednesday to ask Brexiter John Redwood to consider that the result “shows that the game is up, and that there is now a majority in this house against leaving the European Union”.

But he added: “And the game for us must be to find some orderly way round that, irrespective of the majority now against us.”

Mr Redwood responded: “I hope that all MPs will agree with me that we must implement the referendum.”