SIR – Since the easing of restrictions for travel and other social issues there has been a considerable increase in people visiting the New Forest, particularly at weekends and public holidays.


Even when car parks are not full drivers still park on verges in spite of notices put up by Forestry England prohibiting this. They even park in front of these signs.

There are also camper and other vans staying overnight, or for several days in car parks and on roadside verges, which is not allowed.

Most of these vehicles are not equipped with toilets and the occupants are using the bushes etc for their toilet needs and not clearing up the mess afterwards.

They leave litter all over the place as do people crowding together, ignoring social distancing, having parties and barbecues, which are now banned.

There is also the ongoing problem of discourteous and irresponsible cyclists using barred cycle routes without any consideration for others.

There are many cars driving along the access roads which significantly exceed the 20mph speed limit, presenting a danger to pedestrians and wildlife

All this is turning the Forest into a slum unfit for decent people to enjoy a relaxing time.

Local residents, the disabled, the elderly and those with young children are most affected by this as the perpetrators have left this mess behind them for others to clear up.

Forestry England must be given more authority to prevent this situation continuing, or there will be nothing worthwhile to hand down to future generations.

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  1. I asked New forest district council for a LITTER BIN so the morons who drop litter may put litter in a bin.
    The council REFUSED & I have to plead for NFDC to do litter picks!

  2. Forestry England (previously the Forestry Commission) do not need much more authority – what they need is more resources to use the authority they have. In just the Crown Lands of some 25,000 hectares (say 60,000 acres in old money), 140 car parks, and with 10 empty camp sites etc. miles of verges and across the entire New Forest with around 15 Million day-visits per year it would take an army of keepers and rangers to police it all. Similarly it’s emptying litter bins across the open forest that is the effort (rather than just providing them).

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