Woman shocked by ‘horrific’ dog attack at recreation ground

New Forest dog attack
JJ before the attack at Everton recreation ground 

A TINY dog which was the target of attack by a large Staffordshire bull terrier at a New Forest recreation ground was left with puncture wounds and severe bruising.


Ceara Bailey said the Staffie was off its lead at the park in Everton and ran straight up to her dog, named JJ, grabbed him round the neck and shook him violently from side to side.

Ms Bailey who was looking after the dog for her parents while they were on holiday, said: “It was horrific. JJ was squealing and obviously in pain.

“I was shouting trying to get the dog to stop, when suddenly the owner of the Staffie came up and kicked his dog hard to make him drop my dog. When that didn’t work, he kicked it again, then pulled hard on its lead and marched off with his dog.”

Ms Bailey said she was “shocked” by the man’s actions during the incident which happened on Saturday 27th October around 1.30pm.

JJ, a Bichon-Frise-Jack-Russell cross, was on its lead when the attack happened.

She said: “I was scared about my dog being badly injured but he didn’t need to kick his own so hard.”

She added: “It was all over in less than a minute. The man walked off without leaving any details, or even asking if we were okay. I was shaking like a leaf, it had been horrid.

“JJ was whimpering quite a bit and went very quiet. She is a rescue dog so is nervous anyway.”

The following morning JJ was having trouble standing and would not walk so Ms Bailey took him to the vet where he was found to have a puncture wound between his shoulders which was slightly infected, together with a lot of bruising and swelling.

She had to pay out £250 for antibiotics and painkillers. Ms Bailey said: “I had literally just got to the park when the attack happened. If it had been a little kid with a dog I dread to think what would have happened.

“The Staffie was behaving quite aggressively.”

Ms Bailey says JJ is recovering well, adding: “She is such a cute, loving dog.”

The dog involved in the attack was black and white, while its owner was described as slim, tall with dark hair.

Those with information should contact the New Forest District Council dog warden.