SIR — Having lived and worked in the New Forest for a long time, I have witnessed many deer being maimed and killed by dogs – all kinds of breeds from large and small.


And a few times, while I keep off the beaten track with my dogs who are on long leads at all times, I have witnessed an attack happening and had to take my dogs home and then return to dispatch the poor animal.

Generally people stick to the tracks while walking, and that’s where there dogs should stay as well.

I have reported it many times to the correct authorities but you know they are not interested when you get there dismal response.

You keep hearing that it’s a small minority of dog walkers that let the side down. I don’t agree but it sounds good.

If people really love the Forest then they have to respect what lives there as well.

You get plenty of certain organisations trying to make their case, but as usual many deer will be killed this year and for years to come.

Talk is cheap.

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