Cow and donkey killed in New Forest road accidents

A livestock warning sign in the New Forest

A COW and a donkey have been killed in accidents with vehicles in the New Forest.


A red Hereford steer was fatally injured on the road between Wootton Bridge and Wilverley junction, near Sway, at around 12.40pm on Tuesday 1st October.

Two days later a grey jenny donkey died on the B3078 between Ashley Walk and Deadmans Hill at 6am, near Godshill.

A motorist reported a collision with a pony on the B3078 between Crows Nest and Howen Bottom the following evening but the animal could not be found.

The verderers are also warning members of the public to stay away as pony drifts continue across the New Forest next week.

The annual round-up of livestock is vital for the management of the national park and the welfare of the animals, and is a key fixture of the commoning calendar.

The next drifts will be at Pondhead on Tuesday, Amberwood and Turf Hill on Friday and Withybeds on Sunday.

To report a livestock collision call the police on 999 in an emergency or 101.

For sick, injured or distressed livestock call the verderers during office hours on 023 8028 2052 or the Forestry England 24 hours on 0300 067 4600.



  1. I have been to the new forest in the last three weeks to stay at a spa hotel and I noticed the considerable amount of speed warnings ECT in place.However in order to ensure the beauty and the safety of the new forest and the horses and donkeys , more discipline needs to be installed into the people who pass through , and who also have no patience or tolerance to be mindful towards the animals in general . I witnessed several times drivers who obviously are not animal friendly just drive through the donkeys , and bad mannered drivers get too close to ponies who cross the paths in the new forest because they want them to ” hurry up and get out of the way ” , forgetting that the animals have right of way . Reminders reminding drivers not to forget exactly where they are , the new forest animals and cattle and the donkeys ECT have a right to be there and a right to be treated with some respect from ALL people especially drivers who have been lucky and privileged to have been allowed the beautiful sight of the countryside and the lovely inhabitants , namely the horses and ponies .

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