WITH the beautiful New Forest National Park and historic Christchurch on our doorstep, we live in one of the most picturesque areas of the UK.


Show off your best photos from around the patch by emailing them to news@adt.press.

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27th March 2020: This message of solidarity was captured in Pennington by Jonathan Ellis
20th March 2020: A Magnolia Campbelii in the sunshine at Lyndhurst, captured by Stephanie Ferder
13th March 2020: Bee on blossom in St Thomas’s churchyard, Lymington, spotted by Ray Molin-Wilkinson
6th March 2020: A view of the Needles by Philippa Bateman
28th February 2020: A frosty morning at Rhinefield captured by Clare Robbins
21st February 2020: Cut logs in Wilverley Inclosure spotted by David Hunter
14th February 2020: Thom Daniels snapped this picture of his dog Bronte near Lymington sea wall
7th February 2020: A line of donkeys at Pilley, spotted by Frances Voizey
31st January 2020: Ruby jumping into the sea at Chewton Bunny by Connie Mason
24th January 2020: Sunlight through the trees at Blackwater by Ray Molin-Wilkinson
17th January 2020: A wolf moon captured over Keyhaven by Graham Wiffen
10th January 2020: These early snowdrops were snapped at Boldre church by Julia Fletcher
3rd January 2020: A paraglider over Barton Cliffs snapped by David Hunter
27th December 2019: Dee Day snapped this fly agaric at Bull Hill
20th December 2019: A deer in the woods at Boldre snapped by Jacob Hall (aged 7)
13th December 2019: A Lymington salt marshes scene by Neil Hardy
6th December 2019: A dewy garden cobweb spotted by Peter Scott
29th November 2019: Neil Tungate snapped these autumn colours at Burley Old Inclosure
22nd November 2019: An egret fishing for lunch at Sturt Pond in Milford, spotted by Ray Molin-Wilkinson
15th November 2019: A snoozing sow and her piglets snapped by Sheila Ward at Portuguese Fireplace near Millyford Bridge
8th November 2019: Duelling red stags in the New Forest captured by Layton Brewer
1st November 2019: Highland cows at Puttles Bridge spotted by Pam Hargreaves
25th October 2019: A patch of fungi at Longslade View, taken by Lynda Hutchins
18th October 2019: Morning sun in the Forest near Rhinefield Drive, taken by Peter Power
11th October 2019: Tricia Podesta spotted this Highland cow snoozing by a pond near Brockenhurst
4th October 2019: This painted lady butterfly was spotted on a buddleia by Maggie Harmer
27th September 2019: Julia Fletcher was at Milford when she caught this paraglider silhouetted against the sea
20th September 2019: Swans on morning parade at Sturt Pond, Milford, by Duncan Randall
13th September 2019: these deer at Bull Hill were peeking back at photographer Sandra Roll
6th September 2019: a little egret on the salt marshes at Lymington photographed by Ken Chase
30th August 2019: Glynis Payne captured this New Forest scene of a donkey with her foal
New Forest photos
23rd August 2019: James Puttick captured this view of the Mill Pond at Beaulieu
16th August 2019: These cattle at Hatchet Pond were snapped by Maggie Harmer
9th August 2019: Kerry Treagus took this picture of her daughter Tilly (10) on Milford beach
2nd August 2019: This grey heron and swan stand-off at Hatchet Pond was photographed by Lauren Stickley
New Forest Christchurch photos
26th July 2019: This kingfisher was photographed by Chris Barrassat at Keyhaven
New Forest Christchurch photos
19th July 2019: This deer was snapped at Bull Hill, near Lymington, by Sandra Roll
New Forest Christchurch photos
12th July 2019: Tricia Podesta took this photo of a donkey relaxing with her bird chums
New Forest Christchurch photos
5th July 2019: A foal and its mother photographed Boldre by James Puttick
New Forest Christchurch photos
28th June 2019: These cygnets were photographed on Lymington marshes by Steve Elson
New Forest Christchurch photos
2st June 2019: The Avon at Fordingbridge was captured by Jeremy Payne
New Forest Christchurch photos
14th June 2019: Steve Elson captured this image of a heron at Lymington marshes
7th June 2019: This newly-fledged tawny owl chick was spotted in woods near Lymington by Maggie Harmer

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  1. Beautiful photographs of nature carrying on regardless of human attempts to mess up the world. Seems as though nothing has changed since my first contact with the area in 1955. Thank you.


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