Hit-and-run motorists leave two donkey foals to be destroyed

New Forest animal accidents
A New Forest donkey with her foal (Photo: stock image)

TWO donkey foals had to be destroyed after New Forest animal accidents on the roads last week in which the motorists drove off.


The first accident was a hit-and-run which took place at around 9am on Wednesday 10th July on the B3078 near Crow’s Nest.

A witness contacted the verderers’ office to report a grey jenny donkey foal had been badly injured. When the agister attended the animal had to be destroyed.

Later the same day at around 4.30pm a filly foal was injured in a second hit-and-run close to the Rising Sun pub at Wootton.

A grey jack donkey foal was seriously injured and later had to be destroyed after an accident at Longcross on the B3078 at around 4.30pm on Thursday 11th July.

Later the same day at around 11pm a cow was injured in an accident at Bramshaw Telegraph.

On Saturday 13th July two accidents were reported to the verderers’ office – the first took place at around 10.40am on the B3054 near Beaulieu involving a bay pony which could not be found.

The second was a hit-and-run involving a brown donkey foal at 11.30am outside the Fighting Cocks Pub at Godshill, but again the animal could not be located.



  1. I’m not surprised. I drove past The Fighting ***** pub and the roads at this very busy the junction, as well as all the green areas around were covered with people petting and lying down and cuddling the donkeys. people don’t listen or get abusive if you ask them not to . This is the result of pubs encouraging donkeys to their vicinity because in brings in the stupid tourists who cannot see the danger they put the animals in by encouraging them to the roadsides. Why do the Donkey owners not move them back into the forest? The whole situation is disgraceful and is just getting worse. Action needs to be taken and fines for feeding the animals enforced. These poor babies never stand a chance – it’s like putting them in front of a firing squad.

    • I’m with you 100% I’ve just said nearly exactly the same thing about that poor herd of cows having to be slaughtered because of a man with two unleashed dogs. Makes me so made, I agree 100% people should be fined.

  2. The Fighting ***** has become a Donkey Sanctuary, I don’t recall it being this bad before. The idiots petting them in the road do my head in. How anyone can enjoy a meal or a drink outside that pub with the smell of donkey pee, I don’t know.

  3. Quite agree! All pubs cafes etc should have large signs saying do Not feed or pet the animals and it should be enforced fine. Rip donkeys 😥

  4. 100% Agree with what you have said these poor little babies do not stand a chance they are such gentle natured little babies my heart breaks every time I read these things and the poor mums have to watch as the babies are suffering😪

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