SIR – Your anonymous correspondent (A&T letters, 5th July) complains that he/she was frightening to be tailgated by two lorries “within three feet”.


I doubt whether it was really that close, but clearly the message those lorry drivers would have liked to give would have been: “Get out of the b****y way, and if you can’t go a bit faster get off the motorway, or better still, go by coach!”

Lorries are now allowed to cruise at 60mph, and their drivers are irritated by dawdlers at speeds probably only in the mid-50s causing them to change lane.

Your correspondent quotes the Highway Code and reminds us that “you must not drive without reasonable consideration for other road users”.

If he pushed his speed up to 70 he would find that the tailgating problem would disappear.

Incidentally, there is no ‘slow lane’ on the motorways.  The left lane is the normal lane to be used by all traffic except when overtaking.

Stuart Bladon, Milford



  1. Stuart bladen hgvs are limited to 56mph not 60 although 60 mph is still the legal speed limit on British motorways

  2. A truck can only do 56mph. Motorway is 70 mph. Every day we see cars doing 40-50 mph on these roads. Especially on slip roads. Joining the roads

  3. Sturt Bladen The national speed limit of 70 mph is just that a limit not a target as a retired truck driver myself I find it totally stupid that you believe you have to do 70 mph all the time !!

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