‘Mini rave’ in the New Forest leaves a trail of trash

The remains of a gazebo was among the waste left at Wilverley Inclosure

AN angry resident has described how he had to clear up debris left at a New Forest beauty spot after what he described as an “illegal mini rave” had been held there.


The man from Sway told the A&T how he had found a gazebo alongside a mound of empty alcohol bottles and beer cans in woods at Wilverley Inclosure, near the Scout hut.

He said: “There was mess everywhere. Judging by what I found, it looked like some idiots had held some sort of illegal mini rave on Easter Monday as we found the mess the next morning.

“It looked like festival-style dumping.

“People had also been using the bushes around the area as a toilet, leaving loads of tissue and other stuff. I was very upset and angry about it all.

“It was a danger to animals just to leave all the mess there so I cleared it up with my daughter.

“There were bins back at the enclosure car park but these idiots couldn’t be bothered to use them. I was upset at their stupidity, laziness and total disregard for the beautiful place we live in.”

The resident said he found the box the pergola had been delivered in had a name and address on – which he gave to Forestry England (FE) along with photos of the mess.

He added: “It was not a local address. A lot of Sway residents have been very upset by this. It is totally unnecessary. I hope officials can track the perpetrators down and fine them as a deterrent.”

The FE later roped off the area to make sure all the debris and rubbish had been cleared away and said it would be investigating the incident.

A spokesperson said: “It was reported to us by several members of the public and we are extremely appreciative of their help on this.”

Some of the drinks bottles and cans abandoned at Wilverley Inclosure

Another clear-up had to be undertaken at Beaulieu Heath, off the B3054 at East Boldre, on Good Friday.

Toy cars and furniture were among a large pile of waste which workers from the FE had to carry out a number of visits to the site to clear in an operation that cost around £300.

An investigation has been launched by the FE into the Beaulieu Heath dumping and people are being urged to come forward if they can help track down whoever was responsible.

An FE spokesperson said: “A large volume of items were dumped including old toys, clothing, paint tins, loose screws and nails, carpet and other household rubbish.

“This recent incident is another example of the lack of respect some people have for the New Forest, its residents and wildlife.

“Working together, Forestry England and the local authority investigate fly-tips in an effort to trace it back to the offenders.”

Anyone who thinks they recognise where the waste came from is urged to contact FE’s local office on 0300 067 4601. They are assured that all calls will be treated in confidence.