Pupils’ cards of hope for care homes under lockdown

Milford Primary School
Milford Primary School headteacher Kate Crawford (right) and pupils with their greeting cards

GREETING cards handmade by youngsters from Milford Primary School will be sent to local care homes in a bid to spread happiness and dispel feelings of isolation.


The cards were created by pupils at the Lymington Road primary school before it closed on Friday 20th March, and feature messages of hope and positivity along with colourful drawings and poems.

Headteacher Kate Crawford said: “We told the children to let their imaginations run wild, and they came up with some really beautiful and colourful designs, along with some lovely words and messages of hope.”

Images on the cards included rainbows, spring flowers, the sun and drawings of animals and wildlife, alongside messages such as “keep smiling”, “be strong” and “things will get better”.

Milford Primary School
Some of the children’s colourful designs for the cards featuring messages of hope and kindness

Milford PFA spokesperson Kerry Wills said: “Many of the local nursing homes and care facilities have closed their doors to all visitors to protect their vulnerable residents. While this is absolutely the right thing to do, being unable to see friends and family is likely to make them feel even more vulnerable and isolated.

“We thought that creating cards with messages of hope and kindness could help lift the spirits of these vulnerable people and be a real pick-me-up in these times of stress.”

The cards will be delivered to residents at Hillyfield Rest Home and St George’s Nursing Home in Milford, Oakhaven Hospice, Kingfishers Care Home in Barton, and Linden House in Lymington.

Miss Crawford added: “The school will still be open to care for the children of keyworkers so we will be looking for other ways and ideas of spreading happiness and cheer to the community in the next few weeks.”