Worst parking ever? Driver escapes injury after car plunges into the sea

Milford beach
The car that went into the water at Milford beach was a brand new Skoda, according to witnesses

A DRIVER had a lucky escape after accidentally driving his recently bought car over the beach and into the sea at Milford.


The motorist was in his new Skoda automatic vehicle in the car park next to the Needles Eye café just after 1.30pm yesterday (Thursday) when the incident happened.

Witnesses told the A&T the driver attempted a manoeuvre but the car went forward, pushed aside a wooden bench and ploughed down the shingle and into the water.

Milford beach
Parts of the car were left strewn behind on the shore

Before going into the water the Skoda suffered some minor damage to the front side on striking the bench.

A woman, who did not want to be identified, said: “It’s a very new car and the driver apparently accidentally hit the accelerator and went straight down. New parking space in Milford!”

Milford beach
The front left portion of the car was damaged after hitting a bench

Another passer-by added: “It’s certainly a novel way of avoiding parking charges.”

Hampshire police officers and an ambulance attended the scene and got the driver out of the car before checking him over.

Milford beach
Police and an ambulance crew attended the incident

A spokesman for the force did not give any details about the motorist, but confirmed he did not suffer any injuries.

As high tide was lapping at the Skoda’s wheels, a recovery truck came at around 4pm and pulled it out of the water.