VIDEO: Mum’s fury as men ‘not flytipping’ filmed piling up rubbish near her New Forest field



A FURIOUS mum filmed two men with a lorry as she forced them to clean up a pile of rubbish she found them with outside a field she owns in the New Forest.

She later posted the video of the men – who admitted putting the waste on the ground but denied flytipping – on social media which has since been seen more than 500,000 times.

Andrea Good told the A&T she was “determined” the men were not going to just drive off without taking the mound of plastic, building rubble, glass and other waste by the gate in Woodlands, Netley Marsh.

In the video taken on Friday lunchtime, she can be heard shouting: “What you doing, boys?” as she confronts the two men whose vehicle carried Checkatrade signage.

One of them replies: “Just sorting some stuff out as it’s all mixed up. We’re sorting some stuff out, love.”

He goes on to tell Ms Good, a mum of three, that the tip they were going to use in Southampton would not take plastics and rubbish together and they were separating them before putting them back in the truck.

She tells him: “I ain’t being funny, mate, but you have just pulled up here and this has all been hurled out.

“I’m going to wait here until you clear it up.”

The man continued to protest that they were not flytipping, telling her: “We’re registered, my love. We’re not flytipping at all.”

When Ms Wood asked if he had a waste licence, the man claimed he did – but did not have it with him.

Ms Good insisted he picked up every single piece of rubbish, telling him: “There is still lots of sharp stuff which could injure animals or puncture my tyres.”

The film shows the man getting down on his hands and knees with a dustpan and brush to collect it.

Ms Good told the A&T she had reported the incident to the police, adding: “I was working on my smallholding when I heard this noise. It was the noise of the rubbish being thrown.

“Then I saw them tipping in a gateway only I have access to.”

She said she was “fed up” with previous instances of flytipping in the area and had decided to confront the men, who were apparently working on behalf of LJ Waste and Maintenance Ltd, based in Salisbury.

In a statement posted on Facebook, company managing director Louie Lewis said he was “disappointed to see what is happening to our family operated business on Facebook”.

He said that he had contacted both the police and the council, and would “engage” in any investigation.

Mr Lewis said that as his firm requires “photographic evidence of all jobs undertaken, on Facebook and WhatsApp” it made it “inconceivable to flytip”.

He added: “This system was put in place to protect our loyal customers and ourselves from these types of allegations.”



  1. Check out the MOT record of the vehicle on the website. You will be horrified. As well as seeming to fly tip, the company clearly doesn’t care about the safety of its vehicle and of other road users either.

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