More vehicle vandalism after gang’s second wrecking spree

Lymington vandalism
One of the cars attacked in Lymington

VANDALS who went on a four-hour rampage smashing car windows in Lymington and Pennington struck again the following night attacking a total of 26 vehicles in two days.


Last week the A&T revealed how at least 14 cars were wrecked by a gang of four youths who struck on Tuesday night.

Many residents who rang the police said they were told the force would not respond, leaving many to worry the gang had “got away with it”.

Their fears seem to have been borne out when the following night yet more cars had their windscreens and windows smashed. This time the teenagers struck in Grove Road, South Grove, Queen Katherine Road and North Street.

Their description matches the gang who carried out the attacks in 13 roads the previous night, and again they were armed with crow bars.

Cllr Andrew Gossage said he is now calling for an urgent meeting between Lymington and Pennington Town Council and the police.

He said: “We need to discuss the initiatives which could be put into place to prevent this happening in the future. Thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused and there is nothing to stop them doing it again. We need to act now.”

One woman said on Facebook: “These kids are out yet again doing the same thing tonight, yet people that have reported it have said the police aren’t interested? When is this going to get sorted, how many more cars need to be smashed up before you do something?”

Police are currently studying CCTV given to them by a Lymington resident who caught four of the gang in the act of smashing a car window in Pennington.

Posting on a Facebook page he said: “I don’t want to say when or exactly where in case they are on this group, but the footage is already in the hands of the police, so if you are on here watching the comments, be aware that you were caught on camera!”

Dandy Kennard had her car windows smashed on Wednesday night after leaving it parked outside her home in Highfield.

On leaving for work on Thursday morning she found the gang had shattered the windscreen and smashed off one of her wing mirrors.

Ms Kennard said: “They didn’t take anything so it was just complete vandalism. Coming just before Christmas it is just sickening.

“I don’t even know if it is worth getting it fixed, or just scrapping it.”

Lymington vandalism
Dandy Kennard’s wing mirror was smashed off

She said she had heard about the previous wrecking spree, adding: “If the police had managed to catch them then maybe my car, and others, would have been safe.”

“The longer they think they can get away with it the more they are going to do it. I rang the police but they just gave me a crime reference number and said they wouldn’t come out.

“I know no one has been injured, which is good, but so far this gang has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and it seems no one is doing anything.”

James Perkins confronted the gang as they stole objects out of his car which was parked in front of his house in Queen Katherine Row.

He interrupted three youths – dressed in tracksuit bottoms, black hoodies and with scarfs hiding their faces – rummaging around the interior of his vehicle which he had left unlocked.

Mr Perkins said: “I rushed out and shouted at them. They took off and I followed but then realised that they had two crow bars.

“I didn’t think it was very wise to carry on, so I turned back, seeing them run off in the direction of Grove Road where I believe they attacked another car.”

He said he reported the youths, who struck shortly after 9pm on Wednesday night, to 101 but told the A&T: “They didn’t seem to care. They weren’t interested, told me they weren’t going to send anyone out, asked if I had any CCTV then gave me a crime reference number.”

The gang had stolen a baby changing bag but Mr Perkins found it dumped further down the road with its contents scattered.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police told the A&T: “We received reports on Thursday 28th November of two vehicles being damaged in Lymington. One in Brook Road and a second in Highfield Road.

“We are now investigating 26 linked incidents or damage or theft from vehicles in the town. Officers have reviewed CCTV where available and have carried out house to house enquiries. Anyone with information should call 101, quoting 44190428507.”