Lifeboat man dashes from own 40th birthday party to attend mid-strife crisis

Lymington RNLI
The shout was the first of 2020 for the Lymington RNLI crew (Photo: stock image)

THE helm of Lymington lifeboat interrupted his 40th birthday celebrations to join colleagues on their first rescue of the year.


The volunteers were scrambled following reports a seven-metre motorboat had run aground near the Isle of Wight, the crew launched its Atlantic 85 class inshore lifeboat at 7.12pm on Saturday under the command of Simon Nuding.

Lymington RNLI
Simon Nuding is lifeboat helm at Lymington RNLI

After quickly reaching the vessel at Newtown Creek the crew assessed the two people onboard before one went into the water to help re-float the boat.

It was then able to make its own way back to Lymington under its own power, escorted by the Lymington lifeboat.

The crew returned to the station and the lifeboat was prepared ready for service again by just after 8pm.

“Our voluntary crew are always on call 24/7,” said a spokesperson for RNLI Lymington.

“When the lifeboat pagers went off at 7.05pm the helm Simon Nuding was starting to celebrate his 40th birthday party but dropped everything in order to support the lifeboat launching.

“Simon was able to re-join his family and friends quickly after the lifeboat reached the station.

“Thank you to all our crew members who give up so much time to save lives at sea.”