SIR – My wife and I have owned a Honda since 2009. It was bought in immaculate condition having been owned by the son of the owner of a Honda garage.


It has never been in a moving traffic accident while we have owned it. However, it has been hit eight times in car parks and on all but one occasion none of the drivers involved has stopped or left a note on our windscreen.

On one of those occasions an upright citizen recorded the number plate of the vehicle and left us his telephone number.

Not for one moment could you say that this driver did not notice what had happened – our rear bumper was demolished to the extent that we had to have a new one to replace it.

It is blatantly dishonest – and unkind – to other drivers when this situation occurs. What is insurance for?

We have called these incidents the ‘Lymington Kiss’ — and those who hit a stationary parked car in a car park should be ashamed of themselves should they not admit to what has happened.

Bryan Hagon, Address supplied



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