Fisherman drops gear at lake and flees lockdown police

lockdown police
Totton police ready for patrol (picture: Hants police)

A GROUP of young footballers and a fisherman who dropped his gear and fled when approached by police were among those caught breaching the lockdown in the past week.


Officers patrolling in Hythe on Sunday issued advice to several youths who were found out playing football with friends.

The abandoned fishing equipment (picture: Hants police)

A post afterwards on the Waterside Police Twitter account warned: “The more people socialise the higher the death toll will be.”

Also in Hythe on Sunday, two men were seen to throw cannabis away after police spotted them meeting on a secluded footpath. Both were searched and given advice.

Officers in New Milton netted a haul of fishing gear while policing the government restrictions last Friday.

A post on the New Milton Cops Facebook page said: “A special shout goes out to the unknown fisherman in the Ballard Lake area who got on his toes and ran into the night upon seeing both PC Evans and PCSO Lawrence even though PCSO Phil hollered, ‘Police stop!’”

Hampshire police has set up an online facility at for people to report suspected lockdown breaches.