Lymington knife arrest

Letters: Lymington’s traffic problem could be solved with one-way solution

SIR - Having read Jon Ellis’s letter on 30th August (A&T, Town must get traffic calming) I thought I must reply as I totally agree - something must be done about traffic calming at...

Letters: Remainers aren’t traitors – we just want a plan for Brexit

SIR - It was amusing to see the Three Stooges on page 2 of last Friday's A&T (MPs back Johnson’s parliament shutdown). One is used to hearing Sir Desmond shout: “You lost! Get over it!”...

Letters: Brexit border issue could be solved by reuniting Ireland

SIR - The reaction of too many MPs to the suspension of parliament shows they are not democrats. They must obey the instruction from the electorate to leave the EU. Was there a requirement in...
Climate emergency

Letters: Why are green campaigners silent on Chinese and Indian coal power?

Sir - Isn't it odd that so many Western governments seem to agree that there is now a global "climate emergency" and yet you hear of no pressure being applied to the Chinese and...
New Milton charity collectors

Letters: My town has changed – I wish we could turn the clock back

SIR - Is it my age, nostalgia or am I too sensitive but in my opinion New Milton and Barton have changed beyond recognition and sadly, for me, not for the better! Barton once had...
Boris Johnson

Letters: How will Boris Johnson pay for all his promises?

SIR - Exaltation of the new prime minister by the chairman of South West Tories Peter Booth is no surprise. He belongs to the tiny minority of voters who appointed him. The new PM may...
Quay Hill Lymington

Letters: Sort out Quay Hill crossing before an accident happens

SIR – I would like to comment on your article in the edition of 25th July about calls for a crossing at the bottom of Quay Hill in Lymington. When I walked down to the...
Beaulieu Supercar Weekend

Letters: Too fast and too furious – I dread Beaulieu car events

SIR - I read your article ‘Stupid Forest supercar parade criticised’ in last week’s edition with interest. The photograph confirmed my observations on the day of the event, that a large number of ‘supercar’ owners...
Boris Johnson

Letters: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit the ground running

SIR - Boris Johnson has hit the ground running as prime minister and his announcements on policing and crime are particularly welcome. The highlight will be recruiting 20,000 new police officers over the next three...
New Forest dog mess

Letters: There is no magic tree fairy to take away your dog poo

SIR - On a walk around Brockenhurst at the weekend I came across four separate instances of small plastic bags hanging from tree branches and fences. My initial excitement at a potential new village treasure...
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