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Poet Gareth Wynne's new book Thoughts from a Damaged Mind inspired by first-hand experiences

A COLLECTION of poetry has been inspired by the first-hand experiences of a former police officer and his struggles with his inner demon of depression.

Gareth Wynne, who served in Staffordshire for 30 years, now lives in Lyndhurst where he has come to better terms with the illness that led him to spend time in a psychiatric hospital.

Thoughts From a Damaged Mind, Gareth Wynne - book review (49479040)
Thoughts From a Damaged Mind, Gareth Wynne - book review (49479040)

His book reflects his personal experience, using familiar and relateable language to describe a deep feeling of isolation and estrangement from societal norms through which people are considered sane and normal.

Questions are asked through the verse, such as how should we live our lives? What is the meaning of happiness?

The reader is aware of an inner guest of depression, dark and unwelcomed, which seems to take over every positive emotion.

As an illness it is often stigmatised, misunderstood and even blamed on the sufferer, rather than being seen as an authentic issue of mental health.

Ultimately, through the 72 pages, the poet comes to terms with his condition and thanks to family, friends, and doctors, he can begin to demolish the walls of loneliness that surround him and start a path towards recovery.

Gareth was diagnosed with depression in 2014 and, after a “traumatic experience” in a psychiatric hospital, he moved to Dorset with his wife Madeleine before moving to the New Forest. He credits his ability to treat his condition to her support and the help of dedicated and committed professionals.

Thoughts From a Damaged Mind, published by Europe Book, is available as a paperback on Amazon for £10.60. ISBN 9791220108577.

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