SIR – On Thursday evening when I, like millions of others, make as much noise as possible in praise of our NHS and other essential workers, our wonderful refuse collectors are, of course, included in my thank you.


But can I suggest that to help themselves and us they do not remove the black bags from the dustbins or under old curtains etc, before the lorry arrives to pick them up, as happened again this morning in my close.

The council website recommends protecting our bags in the way we have tried to. Piling said bags up may seem to save time, but as they still have to pick up the ensuing rubbish which the flock of seagulls releases from the bags in the period before the van arrives, I fail to see where time is saved.

And, of course, the plastic bags, tissues etc which are blown into our front gardens and drives are not picked up by them and could be seen as a health hazard to those of us who then have to retrieve it, when we have already done our best to keep our neighbourhood clean and, in fact, help our wonderful bin men.

Thank you bin men, but please don’t make life more difficult for yourselves and us.

Chris Huxtable,
New Milton