SIR – Matt Hancock the health secretary has said it, countless articles in the media have said it, but according to the Hampshire police force they’re all wrong!


Having got totally bored with going round the same streets every day my wife and I decided to travel 13 minutes by car to Keyhaven for a walk in different surroundings.

However, we were stopped by a policeman on a bike who was pleasant enough but explained what we were doing was definitely against the current regulations.

He admitted all the comments and articles were confusing the issue but, sorry, we absolutely could not drive a short distance for a long walk.

So the lead article in this week’s A&T yet again highlights the confusion, whilst Patrick Hopper in the letters column (Letters, 24th April) will still have to walk his dog round the streets even if the Forest car parks are opened.

Perhaps Hampshire police might like to comment.

Peter Bond,
New Milton



  1. I agree. It is confusing and I think the bobby on the bike has got it wrong. There’s no regulation that says you can’t drive a few minutes to get to a local, open space where you can walk away from other people. IMO, they should reopen the car parks in the Forest to prevent people congregating in the few that are left open. It makes sense to allow people more room the be socially distanced rather than trying to force everyone to walk in the same small areas.

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