SIR – It is atrocious in this contemporary era of environmental consciousness that this potential project HS2 is being built at the cost of pristine ancient and precious woodlands and the habitats that they provide.


The benefits that it may bring are very debatable. The article (A&T online, 2nd April) reports an estimate that there will be £92bn worth of benefits. How is this predicted with any assurance of accuracy?

The end cost of large projects always greatly exceeds estimates, so can we expect to see the final cost 50% more?

There is also a claim that it will reduce use of cars. Trains are rarely a viable alternative to private motor vehicles as the cost of train travel is for each person. A car carrying perhaps five people costs only a fraction more than if only the driver is traveling.

Also luggage can make a train journey much more difficult and obviously a car goes from door to door.

In any case, the current pandemic and its negative economic effect will strain this country’s prosperity for years to come.

To use more than £100bn to provide a dubious asset with the loss of ancient, priceless woodlands is an investment we would be fools to consider and would regret for a very long time!

Wayne Teagle,
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  1. I am also very concerned that construction workers, by the very nature of their work are not able to keep 2 meters apart, therefore and simple risk assessment would make it clear that work on hs2 and other non-essential contruction sites should cease immediately (should have ceased 3 weeks ago). There will be many many deaths from this work continuing, not only the construction workers but their families too. The question is who has the authority to close these sites down? Hs2 blame say it’s the contractor companies descision, they say they are following government guidlines (which they aren’t). Construction workers themselves are often powerless to complain due to the precarious nature of their employement. They are being sacrificed for profit.

  2. RE:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Wayne Teagle concerning HS2 ltd.
    It is strange that with COVID-19 people cannot breath, And HS2 Ltd is still cutting down all the natural woodlands and animal habitats with pollution sending our climate into devastating change. HS2 will put the UK into tremendous debt. And that to the tax payers’ detriment.
    England is a small country. It doesn’t have the land expanse of say China. The European high speed trains are mostly subsidized, or they would be mostly empty. Besides now after lockdown for the COVID-19, and people working from home, will they want to return to trudging through hours of commuting again, and that had a high cost too?

    What we need is a new Position in the Cabinet. –

    HS2’s Deforestation of England

    And we need more forward thinking relating to the planet and its oceans, its climate, its people’s health, and the interconnectedness of all races, nature, and wild animals.

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