SIR – My husband and I had to travel to Lymington on Friday 29th May for an appointment which took us past Hatchet Pond.


To our utter dismay we could not believe the amount of people/parked cars etc that were there.

The whole of the car park was full, with double-parking in places and cars parked along the access road, plus at least a half a mile of parked cars along the main route to Brockenhurst.

There was also a long queue for the ice cream van with little or no regard for social distancing! Added to which we’ve never seen so many children swimming and an inflatable boat!

Where were the patrol police to monitor the situation?

I cannot believe the mentality of these people who had total disregard for their and everyone else’s safety against a virus that still remains around us.

Whilst I appreciate the slight ‘freedom’ the government have allowed us, this was freedom taken literally! Really disappointed.

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  1. Children enjoying themselves swimming, absolutely disgusting they should be at home on they’re Ipads or stuck in front of the TV, whoever wrote this letter needs to get a life or stay at home on they’re Ipads or stuck in front of TV.

  2. I agree with the letter but I wouldn’t want my kids swimming in that filthy water, yuk!
    Cows and horses piddling and popping in their not nice!

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