SIR – Ever since we’ve been in New Milton (nearly 14 years) we have regularly enjoyed walking our dogs, like many other dog walkers, from the four car parks along the Longslade Hollow like many others.


Although some of us fail to pick up pooh as we should, I have been impressed how clear and tidy the car park almost always is, bearing mind that only Longslade Bottom has any waste bins. I have rarely had to pick up rubbish.

This all changed when I arrived at 6.30am on Saturday morning at Longslade Heath.

Half of the first part of the car park was littered with empty beer and soft drink cans and other picnic rubbish. There was so much that I felt I couldn’t safely drive into that area and had to divert into the back part.

When I alighted from my car I noticed that there was a ‘good Samaritan’ cleaning up some of the mess. He filled two paper shopping bags plus a small plastic bucket he happened to have in his car.

Two points sprang to mind.

One: praise be for the litter picker, whoever you are – many thanks.

Two: in contrast to the many good things that are happening during this crisis, how come we have such a divided society that we have those who help and are considerate and helpful, and another group who are totally uncaring, inconsiderate of others and simply grossly untidy? (Like those who visit Bournemouth hospital and won’t use the hand sanitisers at the entrances.)

We know many junior school teachers who teach the former behaviour, so where do these boorish people learn the latter? Is it our senior schools and universities that are letting down the nation, failing to cement the early learning? Maybe someone else can suggest a remedy.

Derek Redman MBE,