SIR – In the midst of the coronavirus problems, it is heartening to see how quickly people’s generosity has blossomed, with countless unsung heroes stepping up to help in our community.


There are young people shopping for the older and less able-bodied, supporting the isolated elderly, distributing leaflets, and organising websites such as Nextdoor Pennington to facilitate communication.

There are also local businesses who have generously given time, money and expertise.

I have seen this at first hand. For example, Sanders Sails in Lymington have initiated the provision of scrubs PPE garments for our local hospital and Oakhaven Hospice, using their sail-cutting machine for the fabric components, and then getting them stitched by an army of more than 60 ‘New Forest Sewing for the NHS’ volunteers. They are superior to the usual scrubs as they have useful pockets included.

All this free of charge, and generously provided by a local sail-maker and volunteers.
Local ladies known as the Press Gang are now welding the seams of disposable polythene protection gowns, at home, with their domestic irons! These are for frontline NHS staff in Southampton General Hospital, needed on a huge scale, and so vital in the fight against infection.

It is very encouraging, when hearing so much bad news, to know that willing and determined volunteers are quietly getting on with it for the benefit of everyone.

I think we all need to give them a huge thank you.

Tom McEwen,