SIR – Brockenhurst’s one-way system (A&T, 14th August) was a complete shock when trying to get into our village on Thursday.


Hopefully the one-way system is purely temporary. Many of our elderly residents cannot walk the distance from the car park to the baker, butcher or the village veg shops, let alone carry the purchased items and use their walking sticks or ride bicycles.

Just what is our parish council thinking about? We have just managed to get a post office back, so if we cannot support the shop it hosts we will lose it again.

As to the pinch point, surely this is unnecessary as there are plenty of delivery vans and similar.

In addition, why do we have to pander to cyclists? We do not need any more of these. Furthermore, many completely ignore the no entry/one-way signs. Is the parish council trying to close or bankrupt every shop in our village?

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