SIR – Councillors and a party representing Bradbeers suggesting that the Station Road former Co-op store site is suitable for the proposed Aldi store (A&T, 30th October) is both naive and concerning.


Have councillors no knowledge of supermarket supply logistics? Can you even manoeuvre a 30-tonne articulated truck in Spencer Road?

Deliveries are made in the early hours, so the residents would be wakened regularly by the reversing alarms and the crashing of the roll-out cages.

The other fatuous argument for denial was proximity to the Tesco store. I can think of three locations where rivals Aldi and Lidl have stores on adjacent sites. Others where Tesco and Asda are within 50 yards of each other.

Again, do councillors have no inkling of the sophistication of supermarket’s market research?

That Tesco have not sought planning to extend the New Milton store to an ‘Extra’ and Aldi are prepared to invest in a new-build store are based on their projections of market share linked to an overview of present and future demographics and likely development.

To endanger a multi-million investment by attempting to unload a grossly unsuitable, outdated retail unit is irresponsible and foolish.

Rod England,



  1. Further to Mr England’s comments on the proposed location of Aldi in New Milton,
    I’m not naive. I let the facts speak for themselves. The Co-op traded on the site in Station Road for many successful years (including accepting deliveries by HGVs). Local residents purchased their properties knowing their proximity to commercial premises so they really can’t moan.
    Barton-on-sea residents are not qualified to comment on noise or nuisance that will be caused by siting Aldi in Caird Avenue as they are in their little bubble on the other side of the Lymington Road, My family, however, purchased property off a quiet and leafy Caird Avenue in 1982 and have experienced nothing but increased dust, noise and traffic from NFS&B and Tesco.
    This residential area can’t take any more commercial traffic in the area.

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