Brexit protest din outside parliament ‘needs to be stopped’, says New Forest MP

Steve Bray
Steve Bray (left) protesting outside parliament

THE noise of Brexit protestors outside parliament “needs to be stopped”, according to New Forest East MP Julian Lewis.


He complained in the House of Commons about the “incessant loud noise” of campaigners camped outside.

Dr Lewis said: “Not only does it cause distraction, particularly in Westminster Hall but, much more importantly, it has a huge effect on the police who are guarding the gates and have to be on the alert, as we know only too well, against attack.

Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East

“There are by-laws about this. I do not care which side of the EU argument the shouters are on – probably both sides – but it needs to be stopped.”

One of those in his sights was Steve Bray, known for his top hat decorated with an EU flag and loud cries of “stop Brexit”.

Mr Bray retaliated to Dr Lewis’s comments with a tweeted video demonstrating the volume of yelling through a metal loudhailer and a traffic cone.

Picking up Dr Lewis’s refusal to use email with residents, Mr Bray said: “Today we have been testing megaphones as we have discovered that some MPs, such as Julian Lewis MP…, refuse to communicate with their constituents via email.”

Responding to Dr Lewis, Commons leader Andrea Leadsom promised to raise the issue of the noisy protestors with parliamentary authorities.



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