Pair of Plonkers to settle musical discord with TV trial by Judge Rinder

Gordon Brownen Judge Rinder
Gordon Brownen is lead singer and plays banjo for the Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra

NOT singing from the same hymn sheet has landed two members of the popular New Forest band the Plonkers Agricultural Orchestra on television trial before Judge Rinder.


Founder and lead singer Gordon Brownen was summoned to ITV’s Manchester studios over a copyright dispute with fellow Lymington resident Gary Leport.

The pair were out of tune over recordings they made that Gordon wanted to release publicly but Gary, a former member of the band, did not.

“We both had to say our respective pieces before Judge Rinder made a ruling on our case,” said lead singer Gordon, who plays banjo for the Plonkers.

“Judge Rinder was fascinated with the Plonkers and even listened to our music, and we also got to tell the studio audience – who were absolutely fantastic – about where we came from and our musical history.”

Judge Rinder is a former practising barrister who is now a TV personality

Gordon regaled the audience with hilarious tales of his life on the road with the Plonkers, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019.

The court was told of Gary’s vast and fascinating musical background, forming The Dimensions back in the 1960s and discovering Sir Rod Stewart.

He also recollected his near-death experience in which he suffered brain injuries on Southampton Road, Lymington, in 2010 after being struck by a car while crossing the road. While he has since stopped playing with the band, he is still held by its members in fond regard.

“The whole experience was fantastic, absolutely amazing,” Gordon added. “They could not have looked after us more – nothing was too much trouble, and the work done by their research team was quite incredible. They knew all about the Plonkers!”

Gordon would not reveal the outcome of the Plonkers dispute before the show is aired on ITV on Monday from 2pm.

However, a snippet on the band’s website teased: “The Plonkers are on trial. Will they end up in Alcatraz, will they be taken to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation, or will they be given a jug of cider and sent home?

“This is an arbitration show in which real, small-claims cases are adjudicated over, within a studio courtroom, by Judge Robert Rinder. After questioning the claimant, defendant and witnesses, and assessing the evidence, Judge Rinder makes a ruling on each case.

“So tune in on 13th May. Will it be their lucky day?”



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