Intruder attacked man who was watching cage fighting on TV

Jordan McClay
Jordan McClay was sentenced at Southampton Crown Court

A NEW Milton man was watching televised cage fight when a stranger bundled his way into his home and headbutted him, a court heard.


Connor Chipcase was rushed to hospital after the attack by Jordan McClay (30) left him with a one-inch gash on his forehead that bled profusely, Southampton Crown Court was told.

McClay appeared for sentencing having admitted causing Mr Chipchase actual bodily harm.

He was sent down for 14 months by Judge Peter Henry.

The court was told that the attack happened when the pair faced off after McClay got into his victim’s home as the front door lock was broken.

He had apparently been looking for someone else.

Mr Chipchase, who worked as a security guard, required three stitches in hospital following the incident, just after 8pm on 11th July.

He later told police he had met the aggressor briefly once before and subsequently identified McClay to officers.

Defending McClay, barrister Richard Griffiths said his client had been locked up in August 2020 for other offences and had used his time in prison to complete a range of courses and address his previous substance misuse.

He said McClay had demonstrated “regret” for his behaviour over the past decade, having realised the impact it was having on his “loved ones”.

Mr Griffiths said McClay, a father of four, initially denied the headbutt but changed his plea to guilty on a certain basis, which had spared the necessity of a trial.

The defendant’s address was of no fixed abode, Mr Griffiths confirmed, but he had a roofing job set up for him when he gets out of prison and will live in Christchurch.

Judge Henry castigated McClay for his “appalling” criminal record which included wounding, battery, criminal damage and assault.

Sending him down, Judge Henry said his headbutt had caused “nasty injuries” and it was an “unpleasant” offence.