Little Hugo launches clothing range for children’s charity fundraiser

Hugo Carpenter
Hugo Carpenter has launched a clothing range to raise cash for Honeypot

FIVE-YEAR-OLD Hugo Carpenter has used his love of drawing to raise money for a children’s charity and bring a bit of joy into people’s lives during lockdown.


The Walhampton School pupil was tasked by his head teacher with coming up with ways to help spread happiness during the pandemic.

With the help of mum Erika, he has launched a clothing range, ‘Threads by Hugs’, which features his colourful artwork, to raise cash for his chosen charity Honeypot.

Hugo picked the organisation, which provides support to young carers aged between five and 12, after it gave a talk at his school last year.

Erika said Hugo had told her he wanted to help but was struggling to think of something as he “wasn’t good at anything”.

“Hugo is a very caring little boy,” she said. “We were talking about what the headteacher had said, and Hugo told me he really wanted to do something and would also like to give people hugs to cheer them up. He loves hugs himself.

“So I said, well, you are good at art so go and do some drawings and we will see how we can use them to help people.

“When he had finished, we decided that we would create clothes so that people could get a sort of ‘hug’ from him.”

Some of Hugo’s designs

Hugo drew a unicorn, rocket, dragon, and rainbow, all of which are featured on T-shirts, hoodies and even babygrows.

Erika, who lives with businessman husband Sam in Bartley, near Lyndhurst, created a site on Myshopify – an online business building platform.

“Hugo was so excited when he saw his ‘shop’,” she said. “He is now looking forward to seeing how much money he can raise for Honeypot.”

Hugo was awarded ‘Star of the Week’ by his headteacher for his philanthropic skills, while his parents say they “couldn’t be prouder” of him.

Erika said: “He’s already thinking of ways he can connect with people as he is worried they are sad at being alone during lockdown. He has a lot of empathy, especially for someone so young.”

Hugo’s online shop can be found at:

Blackfield-based Honeypot offers respite and learning breaks, activities, workshops, and grants for essential items. It helps around 2,500 children every year who are caring for an ill, or disabled parent, grandparent, or sibling.

Viv Carter, community fundraising officer for the charity said: “Hugo’s thoughtfulness and care for others at such a young age is really wonderful and we are delighted that, supported by his parents, he has chosen to raise money to help young carers who are his age.”

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