Equine therapy group at risk if new home can’t be found for horses

horse therapy
Eyes and Ears are looking for a new home

AN ORGANISATION which offers equine therapy for people is under threat if it cannot find a new paddock for its two horses.


The Horse Raft, which is run by Sally Bennetts, has been operating for three years and helps those who have a variety of conditions including autism and anxiety, as well as the socially isolated and those suffering from cancer.

The organisation’s two rescue horses, Eyes and Ears (pictured), who are not ridden due to their old age, are currently kept in Crow, near Ringwood.

However, this arrangement will end in April as the landowner is returning the paddock to pasture for dairy cows.

Sally told the A&T: “Over the last three years the horses have helped people slowly to overcome their fears and perhaps to see the world differently.

“They have helped some to regain lost self-esteem and provided moments of meditative calm and peace to others.”

Appealing for help, she added: “They need around three to four acres in order to continue to thrive and to do their job.

“The equine therapy activities are very occasional and are on a one-to-one basis. They are low-key, so there is little, if any, invasion of privacy or disturbance to the landowner.

“We take care of all the fencing and field maintenance and are happy to pay an appropriate rate for rent of the paddocks. If anyone can help, we should be most grateful to hear from you, so please do get in touch.”

To contact Sally phone 07788 316885 or email sally@thehorseraft.org.uk.