Mystery solved of big bang that shook people’s homes

Hordle big bang
Residents said the big bang heard at the weekend shook their homes and rattled their windows (Photo: stock image)

THE answer has been found to what caused a huge bang that mystified residents who reported it shaking their homes.


The alarm was raised around 8.30pm on Saturday, with police alerted a huge noise and vibration seeming to emanate from the Hordle area.

Responding to a call from the force, firefighters from New Milton attended an address in Vaggs Lane to where the sound had been traced.

On arrival, the crew found a person carrying out the controlled burn had used accelerant to help fuel the flames and this had resulted in an explosion.

‘Made me and the wife jump’

No action had to be taken at the scene, but a Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said advice was issued to the person responsible. The crew left within half an hour.

Facebook was inundated with posts from concerned residents who reported being disturbed by the bang in areas including Hordle, New Milton, Ashley and Bashley.

Some told how their homes seemed to vibrate and the windows shake.

One person posted: “Did anyone else hear a massive bang like an explosion about 8.15pm? Made me and the wife jump.

“It really was that loud, but you could still tell it was kind of in the distance.”

Another posted: “We felt, heard a ‘vibration’. It was a bit like having a giant mobile phone shaking the floor.”

A number of people commented that they had heard someone had thrown an entire gas cylinder on a bonfire, but the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson was unable to confirm this to the A&T.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: “We received reports of a loud bang at 8.33pm on 7th September in the Hordle area.

“However, the fire service confirmed this related to a controlled burn and there was nothing further for police.”