Plan for shop and takeaway at car showroom site

Hills of Lymington
Hills of Lymington on Milford Road, Pennington

A CAR showroom in Pennington will be converted into a shop and takeaway, under proposals submitted to New Forest District Council.


If approved, the scheme would turn the current building used by Hills of Lymington, at 44 Milford Road, into a convenience store and separate eatery with 17 parking spaces.

The application, from Tim Lincoln of Brightbeech Investments LLP, said the rest of the Hills of Lymington site, along with the former Fox Pond Dairy Depot, would be kept available for later development with homes.

It claimed up to 40 full and part-time jobs would be created, and that it was not big enough to generate significant extra traffic.

It said: “A new store will help to retain expenditure within the local area, to the benefit of the community.

“In addition, the proposals will deliver a considerable economic boost through the creation of full-time and part-time jobs.

“The development presents the opportunity to provide local people with quality, fresh food within walking distance of their homes and for those needing to top up their shopping.”

Six objections have been lodged against the proposals, which set out daily trading hours of 6am-11pm, warning of the potential for nuisance parking and noise.

They also said that the new premises would compete with the four takeaways and a convenience store already trading in the nearby shopping parade, and that affordable homes would be a better idea.

One said: “The planned extended opening hours for the convenience store will undoubtedly lead to considerably increased noise levels from both traffic and customers in what is a significant residential area.”

NFDC is scheduled to make a decision by 9th March after the deadline for public comments on 1st March.



  1. I agree, a totally stupid idea. Would add noise, traffic on an already busy area and unwanted competition for local shops adjacent. Bad idea full stop.

  2. More traffic, more noise, more rubbish, more congestion, more hassle and no doubt the application will go through providing it is not in any of the decision makers’ back yard

  3. Bad Idea!!
    The Milford road in that particular section becomes busy and dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross safely, the road and surrounding roads just do not have the infrastructure. The shops on that parade are sufficient and there is already a Tesco local and the One-Stop 5 minutes up the road in Pennington Village?
    The smaller businesses will suffer and more than likely close, but I guess thats not an issue for the council as long as they get paid, same old story with the New Forest council, wave a few pound notes around and you get what you want without a care for small business and local residents.
    Either way a mass house building project or another supermarket type set up is not good and will not work in that small area.
    Lymington/New Forest Council really have to understand that Lymington/Pennington still is a town and not a City. Are they also intending on building a school, doctors surgery, increasing bus services, extending the train line,NO!, so more cars equals more pollution.. More people in the evening equals higher crime rate, litter, .. the list could go on….That site has always been for business/light industry use and in its current state is at maximum capacity. If the Car site is going why not consider making it in to a small business site, i.e a sequence of units which will generally only be used during the day, create jobs and only improve what is currently there, without impacting the residents or current small businesses or placing a bigger detriment to the roads.. But again, if you have enough cash you can do anything you want in Lymington, real shame no thought or care at all..

  4. stick a McDonalds there or something simular and let everyone cry about it then end up using it them selfs. Get a grip!

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