Apartment blocks plan will create ‘flat city’, claim objectors

Highcliffe flats
Hurst and Hurst Estate Ltd’s designs for 13 apartments in two blocks in Wharncliffe Road

A PLAN to demolish two Highcliffe homes and replace them with apartment blocks will turn the village into “flat city”, according to an objector.


Hurst and Hurst Estate Ltd wants to build 13 contemporary-style apartments in two buildings with parking in Wharncliffe Road which they say will complement existing modern homes in the area.

The development will have a mix of pitched and flat roofs of varying heights so as to allow them to “successfully integrate into the existing street scene”, the company said.

The use of “high levels” of glazing will also give the buildings a “lightweight appearance” which “preserves the local distinctiveness of the area”.

Highcliffe flats
The plans will be decided by BCP Council

But objecting to the plan, one resident who lives in the road said: “When we purchased this house in November 2013 it was on the understanding that the council wanted to see this sea-facing part of Wharncliffe Road to continue to be an area of detached houses – indeed, a flats proposal for our site had been refused on that basis.

“That principle has been steadily eroded as more and more flats have been developed along the road.

“Highcliffe is in serious danger of becoming nothing more than ‘flat city’ which we believe will be to the significant detriment of the whole area.”

Another objector said: “If this planning application is allowed it will continue to destroy the character of Wharncliffe Road. The road is becoming developed with many apartment blocks rather than family homes.

“It is wrong that two lovely, well-maintained family homes are being destroyed to create yet more apartments. There are no affordable homes in this development so they will be out of the reach of many younger couples and families.

“They are sited very close to the neighbouring properties and will give the road a very built-up appearance. No doubt the council will allow this development as they will gain another 11 lots of council tax.”

A total of eight trees will be removed to make way for the apartments if they are given the go-ahead. The developer said it will plant new trees in their place and landscape the area.

It has also agreed to provide bee bricks, nest boxes, bat roosting features, a fruit tree, and hedgehog-friendly fencing.

A decision will be made later by BCP Council.



  1. Highcliffe is already a flat city only have to look at the High Street full of them with No parking traffic is so bad won’t be long before they ban parking in the High Street gust to keep it moving you can’t get buses though and lorries who cares Not the Council

  2. What is happening in highcliffe is utterly ridiculous and should never be allowed. All the nice houses along the main road from the Rothesay to where highcliffe castle is have been demolished and goodness knows what will go up in there place . What is the council thinking? Also they are building right in the heart of the village a whole load of more flats and shops which will probably be more estate agents or charity shops. There is now nothing to bring people in anymore it is becoming a very boring village due to Holborn and the council. I rest my case!!!!!!!

  3. The old people who live there can’t complain and others want to join them. I don’t know why they all want to live there they never go outdoors anyway.

  4. Wow thanks .i was looking to view a couple of houses thereabouts but it seems like everywhere is the same, cramming in new builds on garage and gardens, and flats where houses were..no where to park for shops and parking on pavements as no road space for the amount of cars..Essex is the same..on well I’ll stay put.

  5. It’s very depressing. Highcliffe is becoming character less. What will go next. The golf course! I wonder too about the trees they will have to fell. It’s amazing, when I wanted my trees trimmed I got a firm NO

  6. I live in Bournemouth where trees are far more important than people. Unless of cause the council wil make a huge profit out of it.
    Sounds like Highcliffe is just the same, eleven mor lots of council tax ? ? ? Yes you can cut the trees down, keep the others happy and plant one or two little ones.

  7. The more migrant the more London becomes clogged, and the more people will move out, London is staying to look like Poland did before the war, blocks of flats everywhere which eventually becoming gangland territory. This country needs to start waking up, can’t fit anymore in and maybe 2 kids maximum ro each family.

  8. The more people allowed into this country the more, move London, its becoming clogged, and the people living there are moving out, London is starting to look like unsitely, blocks of flats everywhere, everyone knows these will eventually becoming gangland territory, drugs everywhere. And of course greedy builders and planners all trying to squeeze as many people into a shoe box.People needs to start waking up, we can’t fit anymore in and maybe 2 kids maximum to each family needs to be a norm.

  9. The Council Planners need to sort themselves out as soon as possible otherwise people will be asking question (again).
    Cut the flats and care homes, they are not selling.
    How about a row or terraced houses 2 and 3 bed with off road parking for families at reasonable cost, not £800,000 and unaffordable to the average family.

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