VIDEO: Return of jet ski rule-breakers renews beach safety warning

Highcliffe beach
Jet skiers were pulling stunts around the marked off area for swimmers

JET skiers who were caught performing acrobatics inside a safety zone off Highcliffe beach were back in action over the weekend – again flouting regulations banning them from coming close to the shore.


They were filmed flipping their jet skis high into the air and roaring very close to the beach. Doreen Hawkes, who first complained to the A&T about the jet skiers last week, caught them again on video last Friday.

She and her husband Mike have complained to both the police and BCP Council about the jet skiers who they claim are endangering swimmers and ruining beach-goers’ enjoyment.

Doreen said: “Obviously these guys intend to carry on doing using Highcliffe as their playground.

“As I seem to see them most Friday afternoon and virtually every Saturday and Sunday, I suspect it’s not beyond the wit and skill of the authorities to sort it out, that is unless it takes a serious accident to force them into any meaningful action.”

Another person who also saw the two jet skiers on the Friday said: “The noise and fumes were horrid. They are just taking no notice of the rules.”

The Hawkes, who live close to the beach, say they have had no updates from the council since making their complaints.

On Friday the jet skiers had again ignored yellow buoys which are 200 metres away from the low-water line and mark safety zones for the beach.

Council regulations state that from April to October: “Watercraft cannot do the following in this area: go beyond six knots, annoy or endanger other beach users, run ashore or launch from the beach.

“Powered watercrafts must have an engine silencer fitted.”

BCP Council says it and Dorset police marine unit are trying to identify the jet skiers so action can be taken.



  1. It’s disgusting, these young people should be sat indoors gaming on their computers. What are they thinking, outdoors, using the sea for enjoyment! Seriously have you got nothing better to do than criticise them? We have watched them before now and been really impressed with their acrobatics,timing and sense of adventure. I’m sure they check the area of the beach is clear before enjoying themselves. It’s not exactly high season and the swimmers are very few and far between.
    Maybe they could be designated an agreed break as compromise?

  2. Akin to riding a motorbike around in the New Forest. Great fun for the person doing it, a complete pain for everyone else in terms of noise. Totally inconsiderate.

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