Drawn out – wanted man spotted hiding behind his curtains after police peek through letterbox

hiding curtains
The man was spotted by police looking through his letterbox (file photo)

A SUSPECTED motoring offender was caught hiding behind his curtains after pedalling police officers tracked him to his home.


PC Wood began to follow the vehicle on his bike after noticing it had obscured number plates as it drove through the centre of New Milton last Thursday.

The driver spotted the approaching officer when the car was held up by temporary traffic lights in Gore Road and performed a U-turn to get away.

Having carried out a check which showed the car was uninsured, officers searched the area and found it parked outside the address of the owner who refused to answer the door.

A post by local police on Facebook said: “PC McKenna looking in through the property’s letterbox could see the male hiding behind his lounge curtains!”

The man eventually gave himself up and provided details which showed his vehicle was insured. Officers handed him a ticket for his illegal number plates.

Police also went into action in response to reports from a business owner at one of the town’s industrial estates that they had seen men checking out vehicles with torches at night.

The suspect was apprehended empty-handed but issued with a ticket for cycling without lights.