Helicopter winch rescue for kayakers trapped on marshes

marshes rescue
The pair had been trapped for two hours before the rescue. (picture: James Douch)

TWO people had to be winched by helicopter after their kayak ran aground on Lymington Marshes.


The alarm was raised around 4pm yesterday (Wednesday), and Lymington Coastguard’s specialist mud rescue team was sent to help the man and woman who had got into difficulty in the hired vessel about a mile from the shore.

However, on arrival it was decided the best way to reach the casualties was by helicopter, so the coastguard’s Lee-on-Solent-based craft flew out to them.

After being winched up to the chopper, the pair, who were in their 20s, were flown to nearby Woodside Park, where the coastguard team had set up a landing site.

Suffering from the cold, they were assessed before being handed over to paramedics, but they did not need hospital treatment.

A Lymington Coastguard spokesperson said the pair had been stuck for about two-and-a-half hours before the rescue, which itself took about four hours.

The spokesperson added: “If you are going to sea in any form of transport, be aware of the local weather conditions and tides, and plan your passage accordingly.

“If you get into difficulty, call the coastguard immediately on 999.”