Developer launches bid for 21 homes on greenbelt field

Hare Lane
The outline proposal by AJ Development for Hare Lane in Ashley

PLANS have been submitted for 21 new homes on green belt land on the edge of New Milton.


The scheme from AJ Developments is for a half-hectare of grazing land on the south side of Hare Lane in Ashley.

The application promised that 11 of the dwellings would be designated as “social housing”, and argued that the new properties would help meet the New Forest’s need for accommodation.

There have been two letters of objection from residents particularly concerned about the impact of extra traffic on the narrow lane.

One described it as a “major housing development along a very minor country lane” which would be visible from the road, and predicted traffic having trouble passing without tearing up the verges.

Another said: “It is very dangerous to walk down Hare Lane now with no kerbs. Traffic is heavy now. To avoid Ashley lots of cars use it. With the additional dwellings this can only get worse.

“Noise levels and pollution will also increase, our rural aspect with cows, sheep and horses will also go.”

The application is in outline, so further details would also have to be approved before any work could begin.

New Forest District Council is scheduled to make a decision by 9th June after the deadline for public comments on 10th April.



  1. New Milton and the surrounding area don’t need or want any new houses being built or anything else for that matter it’s a small town surround by smaller villages and the infrastructure can’t handle the traffic now let alone with lots more people plus it’s illegal to build on green belt and on the edge of a national park plus school spaces doctor spaces nhs dentist spaces and other amenities which are already full all the people who live here have houses so these places are being built for people to move from other areas into them and then they expect here to be like where they’ve come from and it’s not so kindly build somewhere that’s already developed like a city or large town like Bournemouth.

  2. The proposed area to build 21 houses on is green belt land and its not in accordance with the local council development plan.The road is to narrow only allowing one vehicle to pass as it is. There are no pavements AND Hare lane is listed as a cycle track .
    Where are the schools supposed to find spaces for the extra children that will live in these houses?
    The doctors are all full and so are the dentists.

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