Council expands waste tip booking system after complaints

Hampshire waste tips
Traffic queuing at Marchwood recycling centre the day it opened after lockdown (Photo: Cllr Richard Young)

THE number of vehicles that can access waste tips across Hampshire will be increased to alleviate huge demand on the service.


Residents had complained that they could not book slots to visit their local household waste recycling centres (HWRC) after a new online system was launched to alleviate queues, road congestion and abuse towards staff.

Many contacted the A&T to claim they had spent hours trying in vain to get one.

Now Hampshire County Council has said it is going to be offering more booking slots per day so that more vehicles can be accommodated.

Cllr Rob Humby, deputy leader and cabinet member for economy, transport and environment, said: “The new booking system is achieving what it set out to do, eliminating the lengthy traffic queues which were causing problems for others.

“I am pleased to able to say that now we’ve had a couple of weeks to see how the system is working, we are in a position to increase the number of slots each day to 5,000 in total across Hampshire’s network of 24 sites.

“This will be done by allowing more people to book in during each half hour slot.”

He added: “I’ve also taken on board feedback that being able book a week ahead would be helpful, so we are increasing advance booking slot availability to allow people to book up to seven days in advance.”

The councillor stressed it was still important that people only visited their HWRC if absolutely necessary.

Bookings can be made at or by telephone on 023 8017 9949.

Anyone wishing to book a slot will need to provide their name, car registration and, for online bookings, an email address. Bookings are limited to one slot per household per week.