Scores of no-shows at Hampshire tips as residents battle to book slots

hampshire tips no-shows
The new non-resident charges scheme will start in early 2020

RESIDENTS booking slots at Hampshire’s tips are being urged to use them amid reports of a rising number of “no-shows” wasting their reservations.


Hampshire County Council, which runs local sites at Efford in Pennington, Marchwood, and Somerley near Ringwood, is telling residents: “Don’t let your waste slot go to waste.”

The booking system was brought in after huge queues of up to four hours and more built up when the household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) were reopened after the coronavirus lockdown.

The new request not to waste their bookings comes after many complained they were still finding it difficult to reserve times to get rid of their rubbish.

When the online and telephone facility was first introduced in June it was branded “not fit for purpose” by furious residents. Many found it difficult to negotiate and complained it was impossible to get a slot.

According to HCC there are now an “increasing” number of no-shows for the reserved sessions.

Cllr Rob Humby, deputy leader and cabinet member for economy, transport and environment, said: “On a typical Saturday or Sunday, we have seen up to 60 no-shows at the bigger sites which means, of course, that’s 60 people in that area who could have used that slot.

“With the August bank holiday coming up, when HWRCs are often busier, I’d ask people to make sure they only book a slot at their local HWRC if they intend to use it.

“We are still operating at reduced capacity in order to keep safe social distancing measures in place for staff and residents, so I would ask people to only book slots they need so that there are enough to go round.”

He called on people to cancel their booking the day before if they changed their mind about using it so it could be reallocated.

As reported in the A&T, when the booking system first came in, one man said he had “more chance of winning the EuroMillions” than securing a slot.

HCC claimed the system was just suffering teething problems. But according to social media many are still finding it hard to book slots at Efford.

One woman complained: “I have tried about 10 times and got nowhere.”

Another pointed out that for those who work during the week it was almost impossible to get weekend slots.

One man said he had to pay £150 for a skip after trying for weeks to obtain a suitable

Slots are made available seven days in advance and can be booked online at

Alternatively call 023 8017 9949, between Monday and Friday, 9am-5.30pm