Register your car or face £5 charge to use recycling centres

Hampshire recycling centres
The new non-resident charges scheme will start in early 2020

HAMPSHIRE residents will have to pay to use county council recycling centres unless they register their vehicles before their next visit in the new year.


The authority is bringing in fees for people driving in from outside the county to use the facilities from 2020, including the three New Forest sites at Marchwood, Efford at Lymington, and Somerley near Ringwood.

To avoid being billed £5 a trip, residents can now register up to three vehicles which will be scanned by automatic number plate recognition cameras each time they use any of Hampshire’s 24 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

Once on the system, residents can use the vehicles to dump rubbish as many times as they like without extra charges or further checks. The precise start of the scheme will be determined early next year, said HCC.

Cllr Rob Humby, HCC’s Conservative deputy leader and cabinet member for economy, transport and environment, defended the measures.

They come as the authority is trying to cut £80m of spending by 2021 amid reductions in government funding.

Cllr Rob Humby, deputy leader of Hampshire County Council

Cllr Humby said: “The county council’s extensive network of HWRCs provides one of the most efficient, effective and convenient ways for residents to recycle and dispose of household waste in Hampshire.

“We know that people living close to the Hampshire border often use Hampshire’s HWRCs, and we want to continue to accommodate them and encourage recycling.

“However, to make this fair to Hampshire council taxpayers who are already contributing to the £100m annual costs of dealing with Hampshire’s household waste, we are introducing a fee for non-Hampshire residents of £5 per visit.”

Hampshire residents who already hold a van or trailer permit do not need to re-register that particular vehicle. Charges for non-household waste, including soil and rubble, plasterboard and asbestos will remain.

HCC did not give figures when the A&T asked how much the number-plate recognition system cost and how much the new non-resident charge was forecast to bring in.

Instead Cllr Humby said the cameras were procured in 2016 and had already been used for purposes such as calculating visitor numbers. He said the cost of waste brought in by non-Hampshire residents came to about £500,000 which the new approach would “offset”.

Problems were predicted by Liberal Democrat Cllr David Harrison, of Totton South and Marchwood, who said: “I am glad the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times are giving this some publicity.

“I am very sure that many, many people are going to be caught out by this further restriction on recycling and will be pretty shocked to find that they face charges over and above the council tax they pay. “

He added: “Liberal Democrats favour a complete overhaul of the system towards making it much easier for people to recycle their waste. I anticipate problems for the staff at the recycling centres, more fly-tipping and less recycling. There isn’t any easy fix, without more resources to tackle the issue”.

An HCC spokesperson encouraged residents to register ahead of their next visit during the busy Christmas and new year period.

People living in Southampton and Portsmouth will also be able to register for free access to any Hampshire HWRC.

Registration opened today (Thursday). To register go to or call 0300 555 1389.



  1. Can’t I show my driving licence as proof I live in the area?
    Not everyone using the Marchwood tip Has a computer. More unnecessary angst for folk to cope with!

  2. Can I just show my driving licence and insurance which I carry with me.
    Surely this is proof enough that I live in the area. More hassle for us oldies, and some users have no computers anyway.

  3. This will result in an increase in the already high level of fly tipping and a reduction in the already dismal level of recycling.

  4. What is all the fuss about? It costs £100million pounds to deal with waste in Hampshire. We create far too much waste as a nation. As individuals we have a responsibility to reduce the amount of waste we produce rather just expecting someone else (the council) to deal with it.
    The permit is free to allow free use of the HWRC, the H standing for HOUSEHOLD. The registration is simple to do online and there is a phone number to register for those that do not have a computer. There has been press releases and online information about this free registration for a free permit, and more will follow to ensure that everyone knows about it. Nobody like change but we all have to make changes and I see this one as a straightforward one. Yes some people who do not live in Hampshire will have to pay for their permit to use the HWRC’s but if they live in another County why should Hampshire pay to dispose of their waste?
    Once you have registered for FREE why should things change, my recycling wont drop and I certainly wont fly-tip as I had to apply for a free permit to stop people abusing the service.

    • Hampshire residents pay council tax to the HCC so there’s no need to pay extra charges. Another Tory inspired swindle.

  5. Put a letter ‘o’ instead of zero by mistake and the whole thing jams up. Typical, thank goodness where computer people don’t build cars,

  6. This does not make sense to me.
    Why would someone from ‘out of county’ want to travel further than their local tip, and what’s the big deal if they did?
    I thought recycling was to be encouraged, this idea, IMO, does not – and I would predict an increase in Fly Tipping.
    The cost of setting up and administering CCTV number plate recognition systems is an unnecessary extra burden on HCC’s already stretched budget – and, is something we all pay for – did anyone from HCC float this past any of us to see if we thought it a good idea before instigating it ???
    To be absolutely honest – I can’t think of a single reason why this idea has any ‘benefit’ whatsoever.
    Hallo HCC – want to have a rethink???

  7. Welcome to fly tipping .what the **** is country doing . Next were be charged for wipind are *** on every flush we do.
    Wake up every one and start to say no to it . The council take enough money of us .a d waiste it as it is

  8. I live in Blackwater Surrey but I pay my council tax to Hants so hows that going to work ? If I can’t go to the HWRC where can I go. Already been informed I can’t use the Camberley site as I don’t pay my council tax to them???

  9. Recent news articles wittering on about fly tipping and the cost to the councils to remove the rubbish. Now they pull a stunt like this. This will be a open season for fly tippers now.

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