Crackdown on dissent against referees with new 10-minute sin bins

Ten-minute sin bins will be introduced into non-league football this season, which includes the Hampshire League

TEMPORARY dismissals will be introduced in the Hampshire League this season in a bid to crack down on dissent towards referees.


It will be a mandatory requirement for any league in level seven or under and FA competitions such as the FA Vase and FA Sunday Cup to abide by the rules.

If a player shows dissent to a referee, they will be shown a yellow card and will be dismissed for a maximum of 10 minutes.

After the sin bin time has elapsed, the player will re-join play after the referee has spoken to the player about their behaviour.

If the player is yellow carded for a second dissent, they will be dismissed from the game but will be eligible for substitution if all three changes have not been made. All dissent cautions must go through this process.

If a goalkeeper is sin-binned, an outfielder player must take over the position. When the goalkeeper’s sin bin has finished, they must return as an outfield player until there is a stoppage in play to change positions.

Players that have shown dissent once in the game can still be booked twice for other offences when they return from the field of play from their first dismissal.

Sin bins come into effect from 1st July and will be used in pre-season friendlies leading up to the season.

The International Football Associations Board has also introduced new rulings on yellow and red cards for team officials, clearer definition of ‘handball’ and a new drop-ball procedure.

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