Jobs promise wins industrial units place in the green belt

Gordleton Industrial Park
Gordleton Industrial Park off Sway Road, Pennington

A SET of industrial units has been allowed in the green belt in Pennington to help boost the local economy.


The three buildings, covering a combined 720 square metres, were given the green light by New Forest District Council’s planning committee for Gordleton Industrial Park off Sway Road.

Despite breaching policy, the scheme from Horatio Properties Guernsey Ltd was recommended for approval by officials who judged it justifiable due to it economic benefit, appearance, and location on an already developed site.

Cllr Allan Glass told the meeting: “This is hardly an area where we are going to get walkers and campers. It’s in the industrial estate.

“We need employment in the area, and this is out of the way. I see no reason to prolong the debate – I propose acceptance.”

Cllr Michael White raised concerns from a neighbour who said rainwater running off Gordleton Industrial Park pours down his drive and “destroys” his garden.

The issue was bad enough to have caught the attention of Hampshire County Council to find a solution, he added, and he feared it would get worse.

Development control manager David Groom said controls could be added to the planning permission to make sure it was not worse than it currently is.

“As long as the application does not worsen the situation, that is all we can do at this time. HCC are looking at the more specific flooding issue.”

Cllr Maureen Holding added: “Business units are needed, but it’s a balance. We need to think about the people around as well.

“I am in favour if this is very carefully looked at and thought about, and we make sure people are protected.”

A similar application was approved in 2017 for the north-west corner of the estate but had not gone ahead due to issues with nearby powerlines.

The new version had been shifted two metres, and supported by Lymington and Pennington Town Council. It was approved unanimously by councillors.