Couple wants action on ‘rat-run’ after car crashes through trees and lands upside down in garden

garden crash
It’s the fourth vehicle in four years to have lost control on the bend outside the couple’s home

A COUPLE has called for action on a “rat-run” road outside their home after a car ploughed through trees and crashed upside down in their front garden.


It’s the fourth time in as many years a vehicle has lost control on the bend outside Sally Collison and Matthew Connor’s property in Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington.

No one was hurt in the incident, which happened at about 10.30 last night (Wednesday), but Miss Collison told the A&T the outcome could have been very different if such a collision happened during the day while their young sons played outside. The pair also believed the trees and the hedge were all that prevented the car smashing into the house.

“There is a straight bit of road and then the brow of a hill, and as you come over the brow, the road bends to the right – our house is on the left,” she said. “It’s a country lane so there’s no kerb, just mud.

“The car just hit the trees and went straight over and through the hedge. Most of the hedge was still attached to the bonnet.

“The trees would have stopped it from travelling any further. If it wasn’t for the trees it would have gone straight into the side of our house, where there is the sitting room and our two children’s bedrooms – an eight-year-old and a 10-year-old.”

At the time of the crash, Miss Collison described hearing a rumbling sound as she lay in bed reading, and assumed it was thunder. Mr Connor had thought it might have been a passing HGV.

They did not realise what had happened until the doorbell rang about an hour later.

“It was a policeman,” Miss Collison continued. “He said, ‘Everything’s fine, but there’s a car upside down in your front garden’. He also said there was no evidence of drink-driving.”

Both occupants of the Vauxhall, a man and a woman, were taken by a friend to hospital, but were uninjured.

The car ploughed through a hedge and two trees

The car was still resting upside down in the garden this afternoon (Thursday), and Miss Collison and Mr Connor were hopeful it would be removed soon.

Miss Collison said something needed to be done following three previous collisions outside their home, although this was the first time a vehicle had ended up in the garden.

Two drivers had ploughed into the hedge on separate occasions, one of whom immediately reversed away and drove off, taking a large chunk of it with them.

The third saw Mr Connor having to tow a Land Rover out of a ditch on the opposite side of the road after its driver lost control.

One of the couple’s neighbours has repeatedly raised concerns about the bend with Hampshire County Council with no success, Miss Collison said.

“This road is a rat-run,” she continued. “They come haring down here and don’t see the bend as they come over the brow of the hill.

“I think in the past, before we lived here, there was a death. I heard a car came off the road and hit a man walking his dog.

“Something needs to be done about this road, such as lowering the 40mph speed limit or even putting a street light on the corner or a road sign saying there is a corner here.

“It’s very worrying. Imagine if it happened during the day and our children were outside playing in the garden. You’re talking very serious stuff happening then.”

Cllr Rob Humby, cabinet member for economy, transport and environment, said: “I’m sorry to hear of this incident. Safety always comes first, and we prioritise our resources where there is evidence that installing measures will bring about improvements.

“We regularly analyse injury accident data to determine what interventions could be introduced to reduce the number of people injured on our roads.

“We will further investigate the injury accident record for this area, together with obtaining details of the recent incident from the police, and will consider if any interventions can be put in place to reduce casualties and improve road safety.”