Met Office warns of morning rush-hour disruption from freezing fog

Freezing fog
Thick fog is expected to last until 11am in some parts of the country (Photo: stock image)

A WARNING has been issued by the Met Office for freezing fog tomorrow morning (Tuesday).


The low-level yellow alert includes the New Forest and Christchurch in a zone extending north-west from the south coast up to Manchester.

Forecasters said dense fog is expected across Hampshire and Dorset between 4am and 11am.

It is likely to lead to travel disruption, with buses and trains delayed and the risk of hold-ups or cancellations to flights, they warned.

The Met Office said: “Visibility could be less than 100 metres in places across parts of England and east Wales on Tuesday morning.

“Whilst the fog is expected to gradually lift and thin during the morning, some patches could persist until lunchtime in the east.”

Warnings of dense fog are issued when visibility is expected to fall below 200 metres, it added. Severe disruption to transport occurs when visibility falls below 50 metres.

Advice for driving in fog is to use dipped headlights instead of full-beam which can reflect with a ‘white wall’ effect, and not to hang on the tail-lights of the vehicle in front.

Motorists should watch their speedometer as fog can cause them to lose track of speed. Fog lights should be used but switched off when visibility improves.

Freezing fog can also bring treacherous conditions from water droplets turning into a layer of ice on contact with surfaces such as roads, pavements and cars.