Three months’ jail for attacking woman and three police officers

Southampton Magistrates’ Court in London Road

ATTACKING a woman in her own home and assaulting three police officers landed a man with a three-month prison sentence.


Gavin Martin (29), of Newlands Close, Blackfield, pleaded guilty to assaulting Patricia Owen by beating at an address in Hythe on 5th May.

He also admitted three charges of assaulting a police officer by beating in the course of their duty at the same time and location.

The victims were PCs Ilona Wiesniak, Jonathan Kennett and Victoria Tomkins, and the Southampton court heard these attacks involved kicks, bites, head butts and spitting.

The Bench said custody was the appropriate sentence due to the serious nature of the domestic assault on Ms Owen in her home when children were present and on the grounds of zero-tolerance for assaults on police.

The fact Martin was in drink at the time of the offences was an aggravating factor.

He was also issued with a two-year restraining order and ordered to pay £225 in court costs.