Dropped Radio Solent DJ’s biggest fan petitions for return to the airwaves

Margaret Amy, Nick Girlder's biggest fan
Nick Girdler’s biggest fan, Margaret Amy

AN avid Radio Solent listener has started a petition to get her favourite presenter reinstated after he has been taken off the air following 45 years of service.


Margaret Amy was left saddened and dismayed after Nick Girdler’s contract was not renewed by the BBC in a decision to change the station’s Sunday morning line-up.

He presented his final show on 24th February after hosting programmes on Radio Solent since 1972.

Margaret set up the online petition on Change.org to which has gained over 300 signatures so far.

“Nick has been a much loved and uniquely talented presenter for generations of listeners,” she said.

“He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, his listeners, guests on the programme and the many callers he has on air.

“Nick has a sharp wit and a brilliantly wicked and endearing sense of humour.  He has a very loyal following of listeners for whom his Sunday morning programme has been a highlight of their week.

“A treasure like Nick can never be replaced.”

Nick Girdler
Nick Girdler’s career spanned 45 years

Commenting on the decision not to renew his contract, a BBC spokesperson said: “Nick Girdler has contributed greatly to the success of BBC Radio Solent over the past decades and we would like to thank him wholeheartedly for his contribution to broadcasting.

“We have decided to change the line-up on Sunday mornings and we hope listeners will continue to enjoy listening to our mix of great personalities, music, interviews, phone-ins, news and sport on BBC Radio Solent at the weekends.”

Margaret’s petition can signed by visiting https://www.change.org/p/bbc-radio-solent-managing-editor-re-instate-nick-girdler-at-bbc-radio-solent



  1. Good bye radio Solent, that’s me done . 1st we lost Georgie Spanswick the nearest we will ever get to the wonderful Terry Wogan , then our wonderful Nick Girdler who made Sundays so special , then to top it all no more David Miller on Sunday evening. thank goodness for technology, I can now listen to David Miller on radio Berkshire . Nothing left for me on radio Solent so its back to radio 2 . BRING BACK NICK GIRDLER . As my small protest I will not listen to Radio Solent again .

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