VIDEO: Police release footage of drivers caught through dashcams as new plea is made for your incident videos



MOTORISTS and cyclists are being urged to send dashcam footage of dangerous driving as part of a new scheme launched by Hampshire police.

Hants Snap, aimed at using submitted footage to protect road users across the region, was trialled from August 2019 to June this year focusing on incidents placing the most vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, at risk.

Now all road users and offences are being covered, and footage from dashcams, head cameras and other recording devices can be sent online.

The footage must be reported within a week, must be unedited and not shared on social media, and needs to show between one and two minutes either side of the incident.

Any clips from a collision, or an offence not listed in the criteria set out on the submission portal, will need to be reported by calling 101, or via the force website at

Witness statements are required with the footage, and those who submit them will be required to answer some basic questions.

The footage will be reviewed to assess whether offences have been committed, and if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute those involved.

Outcomes could include an educational course, a fine, licence points added, a court prosecution or a warning letter.

Road Safety Sgt Scott Kerr said: “We are unable to be everywhere at all times, but with the Snap scheme, we can now be anywhere.

“We are asking drivers who commit offences – is it worth the risk? We don’t think so and our aim is to spread the message and educate as many people as possible to help improve the safety of our roads across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.”

The pilot saw police receive 261 submissions, with action being taken on 29% of these, and five submissions resulting in criminal investigation.

Footage can be submitted at or via the force website.

Dorset Police, which launched its equivalent scheme Operation Snap in July 2019, has released dashcam footage already submitted to encourage more people to get involved.

Around 567 submissions have so far been received, with 128 drivers facing action.

Outcomes included court summons, points and a fine, a driver education course or a warning letter, with a further 35 drivers currently under investigation.

For more information, or to submit dashcam footage in Dorset, visit