Council backs request for five gas tanks at planned greenbelt crematorium

crematorium gas tanks
A CGI of the planned crematorium

THE installation of gas tanks for the controversial crematorium approved for New Milton has been supported by town councillors – as long as lorry movements are limited.


New Forest District Council has already given the green light to outline and detailed proposals for the single-chapel development on greenbelt land off Stem Lane and Great Woar Copse – once in 2016 and again earlier this year.

Now the Westerleigh Group, the UK’s second largest crematorium operator, wants permission to install a storage compound on the site, including five gas tanks.

Meeting virtually via the Zoom video service, New Milton Town Council’s planning committee shared concerns about how frequently gas tankers could be travelling up and down Stem Lane.

Members agreed to recommend approval subject to Environmental Health comments, and the traffic movements for gas tank refilling being kept to a minimum.

Chairman Cllr Steve Clarke told the A&T afterwards: “We want to make sure this is properly dealt with at the time.

“We don’t want too many movements of large tankers. I think you would need a full tanker to fill those gas tanks.”

But he added: “In essence, the gas tanks would be sitting at the back of the site within the confines of the established building, so they will be well screened – people wouldn’t see them.”

Consultation on this application expires today (Friday), and a decision from New Forest District Council is due by 4th June.

The crematorium has proved divisive among residents, with concerns about pollution, inappropriate use of greenbelt land and an unacceptable rise in vehicle movements.

However, others have welcomed it, arguing it would relieve pressure on facilities in Bournemouth and Southampton and save grieving relatives the trouble of travelling so far.



  1. Once again the **** like council get what they want at the Expense of local residents who actually have to put up with all this disruption and all this grieving people travelling further is a weak argument I’ve travelled all over the country for funerals and due to my grief I was to busy to care how far we’d travelled it’s illegal to build on green belt land especially on the outskirts of a national park this is totally unacceptable but what do the thoughts of the people mean to those elected absolutely noting is the answer as long as there bank accounts get a boost

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